ArcMET Manual

Filter Filter Apply a movement, temporal, day-hour and/or spatial filter to movement trajectory
MovWin Dates Create a moving window dates file for use with ArcMET tools
Trajectory Resample Re-sample/downsample a movement trajectory
Path Create a trajectory path from a movement trajectory
Path Statistics Calculate statistics (e.g., mean, min, max, etc.) for trajectory path properties (e.g., distances, speeds, headings)
Path Metrics Calculate trajectory path metrics (e.g., Tortuosity, displacement)
Temporal Metrics Calculate statistics and metrics about the time-spans between recorded fixes
Velocity Grid Create landscape level summary of trajectory path segments (e.g., speeds, headings, directional similarity)
Conspecific Proximity Calculate conspecific inter-distance & headings for temporally overlapping trajectories
Range MCP Calculate a Minimum Convex Polygon Range
aLoCoH Calculate a ’adaptive’ Local Convex Hull Range
UD KDE Calculate a Kernel Density Estimator UD
LTD Calculate a Linear Time-Density UD
BBMM Calculate a Brownian Bridge Movement Model UD
TGDE Calculate a Time-Geographic Density Estimator UD
ETD Calculate a Elliptical Time-Density UD
Percent Contours Calculate UD percentile contours
Covariate Regional Raster Stats Calculate raster statistics within polygon regions with temporal selection option
Utilities Spatial Integrator Calculate the sum or density of point, line, polygon features within raster or polygon-grid pixels
Polygon Grid Generate a polygon grid feature class
Map Extent Polygon Generate a rectangular polygon set to the current map/display extent
Garmin GPX Import Import GPX data from Garmin device
Temporal Selection Click a feature with time info and automatically select all features within +/- hrs