ArcMET Software

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The ArcMET version numbering scheme follows the ArcGIS Desktop version it was compiled for e.g., 10.2.1.v2 corresponds to ArcGIS 10.2 with service pack 1 installed. The ‘v2′ refers to the current ArcMET version (i.e., there have been two ArcMET version released for ArcGIS v10.2.1). The ArcMET version numbers will increment sequentially within an ArcGIS release as newer updates become available.

If during the ArcMET installation you receive the error “Error 1001: Unable to get installer types” then it means there is a mismatch between the ArcGIS Desktop version you are using compared to the installation that the ArcMET setup program is expecting. Typically, ArcGIS is forwards compatible within a release e.g., an ArcMET release for v10.2.1 should work with ArcMap v10.2.2, but an ArcMET release for v10.2.2 will probably not work with ArcMap v10.2.1. Forward compatibility does not apply when moving across major releases of ArcGIS e.g., a version of ArcMET compiled for ArcMap 10.1 will not work with ArcMap 10.2.

ArcMET (Movement Ecology Tools for ArcGIS) is a package of tools I built and designed for analysis within the fields of movement ecology and wildlife conservation. Many of these tools originate from my PhD at the University of British Columbia. I offer these tools ‘as is’, and with no guarantee of their behaviour, correctness, efficiency or operation. The software is free to use and I only ask that you cite the use of the tools where appropriate. I hope you find this extension useful.


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