ArcMET 10.2.2 v3 Released

I just posted a new version of ArcMET. I fixed a bug within the Elliptical Time-Density tool whereby it was shutting down the RNet engine after a single iteration of the tool. This meant ArcMap needed to be shutdown and restarted to run the ETD method a second time. However, now the RNet engine is scoped globally within the ArcMET extension which fixes the problem. I’ve also switched the ETD tool to using the OpenBUGS program ( which seems to provide better stability when called via the RNet engine (so if you had WinBUGS installed before you will now also need to install and use OpenBUGS and install the corresponding R2OpenBUGS package for R). Thirdly, I’ve added functionality to the Moving Window Dates form that lets datetime pairs be associated with a particular MovDataID value. Tools ingesting a MovWinDates files can then use datetime pairs specific to a dataset based on its MovDataID value. Please refer to the manual for more info.