ArcMET 10.3.1.v1 Released

ArcMET 10.3.1 v1 is now available for download. This version also fixes a bug with the setup program for 10.3.0 so I have removed the installer program for 10.3.0 from the website. If you absolutely need 10.3.0 v1 please email me.

ArcMET 10.3.0 v1 Released

I just posted version 10.3.0.v1 of ArcMET that works with ArcMap 10.3.0 software. There is a new Geofencing tool for calculating the time and position of where an animal’s trajectory crosses linear landscape features (e.g., roads, fences etc.). This new version of ArcMET requires that the .Net 4.5 Framework be installed.

ArcMET 10.2.2 v3 Released

I just posted a new version of ArcMET. I fixed a bug within the Elliptical Time-Density tool whereby it was shutting down the RNet engine after a single iteration of the tool. This meant ArcMap needed to be shutdown and restarted to run the ETD method a second time. However, now the RNet engine is scoped globally within the ArcMET extension which fixes the problem. I’ve also switched the ETD tool to using the OpenBUGS program ( which seems to provide better stability when called via the RNet engine (so if you had WinBUGS installed before you will now also need to install and use OpenBUGS and install the corresponding R2OpenBUGS package for R). Thirdly, I’ve added functionality to the Moving Window Dates form that lets datetime pairs be associated with a particular MovDataID value. Tools ingesting a MovWinDates files can then use datetime pairs specific to a dataset based on its MovDataID value. Please refer to the manual for more info.

ArcMET 10.2.2. v2 Released

A new version of ArcMET has just been released. It comes with a new method for estimating the utilization distribution of an animal called the ‘Elliptical Time-Density’ model: Some minor bugs have been fixed and some re-organisation of the tool layout were also made. I’m now working on an astronomy calculator for determining moon/sun rise/set times. A Geofencing tool is also in the works for release within a couple months.

ArcMET 10.2.1 v2 Released

I just posted a new version (revision 2) of ArcMET for ArcMap 10.2.1. This new version has a tool for calculating raster statistics within polygon regions (requires the Spatial Analyst extension). Temporal selections are possible if the rasters have associated time information. I’ve improved the performance of the percent contours tool when operating on large grids. There have also been some minor bug fixes.

ArcMET 10.2.1 Released

I’ve just published ArcMET for ArcMap v10.2.1. I will stop developing the 10.1 version and any future updates will be for the 10.2 version. An update for the user manual should be coming soon…

ArcMET 10.1.11 Released

ArcMET 10.1.11 has just been released with the following updates:

• New Kernel Density Estimator (KDE) tool
• Introduction of Moving Window functionality to the MCP, KDE, aLoCoH, BBMM tools
• New Create Moving Window Dates tool to facilitate the generation of date-time pairs used in moving window analyses
• Introduction of calculation summary reporting for the majority of tools to facilitate using tools in an iterative manner (summary tables are created along with tool output)
• New Temporal Selection tool on the main toolbar for selecting temporal data within a specified window of time

#Note that this version only works with ArcMap version 10.1 but a version for 10.2 is in the works…